Van Horn will also be posting updates on his journey to the

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I think it progress because the bear market is an important

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This conception of divinity far exceeds the simplistic theism that most atheists reject. Atheists are right to say that many conventional accounts of God are implausible, but this is hardly news to reflective theologians. Neither conventional theism nor ordinary atheism is a compelling option..

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5 hours we kill all up to and including Zul

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Aerobics can include so many activities from walking

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The next administration just might get both the politics and

There is something particularly disturbing about being a 31 year old woman and hearing yourself castigated as “girl” by a group of high school boys, but I decided to ignore them, even though I felt their eyes on me as I circled the track. Shirking harassment is what I’m conditioned to do, after several exhausting decades receiving this kind of abuse. I don’t want to “cause” a scene.

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They have now raised $17,000

You could eat animal products three hundred and sixty five times a year or three and still get to use the same label. Kind of not fair to those who are actually making an effort to avoid vs those who just happen to eat plant based meals sometimes. I don’t know why carnists insist to label it..

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