Numerous examples are found in ancient texts about angry sages

america’s plague of deadly loser loners

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canada goose clearance That power breeds arrogance is a universal given.Ravana, canada goose store a good king and a devout Shiva bhakt, was undone by his arrogance.As was Duryodhana who could match his cousin Bhima on strength and valour and almost every other human trait.But arrogance got the better of him, driving him to ruin.Power also breeds intolerance; it fosters disdain for all who have an opposing view or interfere with the ways of the powerful.Numerous examples are found in ancient texts about angry sages and wilful gods who burnt rivals to cinders for minor transgressions.But as is the case with all such narratives, canada goose black friday sale the stories convey the point of view of one set of narrators.However, folk traditions in all ancient cultures offered an alternative telling of the Canada Goose sale stories where the good deeds of Ravana or the compassion of Duryodhana were often subjects of admiration.This was an indicator of the popularity of the stories and the characters; and the resilience of the prevalent cultural framework that did not fear the other side enough to stamp out all dissenting voices.While Ram the hero turns into an avatar of Vishnu canada goose and a god in the larger national narrative; there are plenty of stories and songs (usually sung by women) about Ram as a cruel husband, a boastful king and an uncaring brother.The existence of many versions or tellings of these stories served as useful counter points to more popular Canada Goose Online narration of events and they also managed to create a way of life that was comfortable with diverse opinions.The coexistence may not always have been harmonious, but it was not a case of ‘My way or the guillotine’.Interestingly, even the mainstream narratives were not blind to the inherent flaws in powerful heroic characters.Some narratives gave heroes a back story and thereby justified their actions while others served up their life stories as warnings to future heroes.Unfortunately, neither has knowing the past, nor having lived with many versions of the past, worked as an antidote against future tyrants. Especially powerful males, be they kings, priests or leaders in any field.For example, there is a part historical, part mythical narrative popular in parts of Bengal about an astrologer of some renown called Varahamihira. He was regarded as the final word on astrological predictions and counted many kings from many distant regions among his patrons.As he grew powerful, he grew arrogant and intolerant, but it so happened that he met his comeuppance in his daughter in law.Her name was canadian goose jacket Khana and she turned out to be an even greater astrologer than him and soon people began seeking her out, instead of him.Unable to bear this, he went up to his son and asked him to rein in his wife.The punishment to be meted out for her arrogance at assuming a greater role canada goose clearance sale than her father in law was that her tongue be cut.And so Khana spent her life with a half stutter that was understood only by her husband. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet uk canada goose outlet Trump was in Montana to boost GOP Senate candidate Matt canada goose uk outlet Rosendale, who is running against Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, whom the president said canada goose uk black friday has been a for canada goose coats on sale Montana. President blames Tester for the backlash against former White House doctor Adm. “I am doing OK but Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been doing this for 10 years. I think it’s hard to get to the same level as them because what they’ve shown in the last 10 years in crazy. I just want to keep scoring Canada Goose Outlet.

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