Thus, work is being done, thus: There energy for sympathy

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2 points submitted 12 days agoWeren dropships like THE THING for PVP for a while because of how unbelievable their hull tanking could be? I remember a pitched PVP fight I had with a dropship while I was flying my shield tank FDL. I insta dropped the drop ship shields, and then found I was just Canada Goose online endlessly hammering on a hull that canada goose deals seemed to just scoff at the damage I was doing. For the entire fight I Canada Goose sale hammered endlessly on the drop ship. His hull never went below 75%. When he finally got my shields down I had to immediately break off as he went through my hull like it was tissue paper.Mortjep9530 1 point submitted 11 days agoThe dropship is the hull tank for those who doesnt have the assault ship unlocked yet and the gunship for canada goose coats those who doesnt have the federal gunship yet.Its a pretty decent ship in its own right and can be put to good use but it falls in the cheap end of a jack of all traits, master of none. Unlike the python it doesnt do everything well and unlike the specialized ships it is hard to work as a definitive something is cheap and it works as an entry level mid tier ship, but it isn much more than that. One could say that you get what ypu pay for.Moneypoww 20 points submitted 18 days agoIn one Canada Goose Outlet VOY episode I recall them attaching massive holoprojectors to the outside of the vessel in order to simulate a couple of vessels. And whilst that may give some reference as to the scale of holoprojector needed, remember that the mobile emitter was from the future, and the newer a technology is, the smaller it can be.In lore terms, it may be possible that the mobile emitter could support a very simplistic model of a full vessel, Canada Goose Parka however, considering how prone to error the doctor’s emitter was, I doubt it.Captain_Starkiller 2 points submitted 16 days agoMy 4k computer monitor is absurdly more buy canada goose jacket advanced than a 1920 floodlight, and yet a floodlight canada goose can illuminate a field, and my monitor canada goose clearance sale cannot.You talking about energy scales here. The Mobile emitter contains the energy to power the doctor for an indeterminate amount of time, probably a few days.Captain_Starkiller 1 point submitted 17 days agoI disagree. Also, TES 6 is an unknown number of years out. Bethesda is just now releasing Fallout 76 which while primarily developed at side studios clearly had involvement buy canada goose jacket cheap from their main one. Next up is Starfield and Starfield is an unknown number of years away. canada goose outlet BGS has a history of releasing a new game every four years, canadian goose jacket and its tough to say how much fallout 76 altered that, but if they hold true to form otherwise, starfield is at LEAST a year away, possibly two, and having TES 6 four years after that would push it canada goose coats on sale out past that 4 5 year line. People know its coming, but know that BGS is working hard on other stuff in the meanwhile. They have been very reliable and built up a lot of consumer trust.I don think Blizzard has that consumer confidence.2: I have hundred of hours in elite and am also a star citizen backer so I had access to star citizen for Canada Goose Jackets some time. Star Citizen is NOT a game. IT a MESS. There is nothing to do, nothings fun, combat feels totally arbitrary, and performance is shit. There also nowhere to go, everything is still limited to one star system. They don even have the ability to jump to other stars yet.I am not a star citizen hater. I backed it. I want it to succeed, and I appreciate Chris Roberts for returning interest to PC space games. However at this time, given their technical challenges, I don think Star Citizen is likely TO succeed.So Elite is probably the best you gonna get.Ajedi32Rift + Touch via Summer Sale 55 points submitted 28 days agoHuh. interesting. So this is basically just a mechanism for allowing a headset to seamlessly transition between canada goose clearance communicating wirelessly with a PC/console and communicating with a relay that in turn connects to the PC/console. I kinda skeptical of how useful this sort of thing would be in a typical consumer VR setup (where you not likely to walk between rooms while wearing a headset), but it could be useful for larger scale commercial setups (like arcades).This isn a “Wireless Rift” though. This is just a patent. Patents very often never make it into consumer products, and there absolutely no indication that Oculus is planning to use this particular patent in a future version of the Rift.Captain_Starkiller 1 point submitted 27 days agoActually you wrong. Have you studied thermal dynamics? Closed systems will always strive for equilibrium. Heat only radiates out of a stone that warmer than the room because there an imbalance. It the basic principle of entropy. If the room and the rock are the same temperature, the rock isn going to radiate heat. Put a room temperature rock in an arctic cold environment, and the rock will radiate heat until it reaches equilibrium with it environment. Put it back in the room temperature room and it will absorb thermal energy from the room until it reaches equilibrium again.Blood as a heat source in a sauna: Maybe. It depends on the complexities of the magic. I could construct a basic heat sink outside the sauna with a heat pipe to carry heat away from me. Thus, work is being done, thus: There energy for sympathy. And that IS dependent on the heat sink being outside the sauna environment yes.I can construct a heat pipe to suck heat out of a room temperature stone down to absolute zero.I can stick a heat sink on my hot cpu, and let heat pipes/water cooling push heat out away from it. (Thus energy for work to be done.) those same heat pipes and sinks are ineffective if the cheap Canada Goose cpu is room temperature. Could a sympathy device cool something below it ambient environment? I not sure we ever seen signs of this. Even binder chills makes the person FEEL cold, but if your body was at room temperature (depending on the room) you be in hypothermic shock.

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